Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 3- 14 August


Today’s lesson was about fractions.

What are fractions? Fractions are everywhere. Anything that is divisible into pieces or smaller units, such as a pie, a dollar or a sandwich, can be represented by fractions. They are, in addition to percentages and decimals, another way of expressing that part of a whole value that is less than one. Their ubiquitous nature makes them one of the essential skills that children will get out of school, and the more help teachers can offer, the easier the learning process will be.

Ways to help students:

Make it Relevant

-       Without real world relevance, fractions can simply seem like hard work. Help student want to understand fractions by first modeling their use in real life and make it fun and interesting

Make it Visual

-       Help student understand the concept of fractions by making them visual

Make it Tactile

-       Use concrete materials to teach

To teach fractions, teachers can use the Jerome Bruner’s theory of concrete, pictorial and abstract.



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