Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 6- 17 August

Mathematics is an excellent vehicle for the development and improvement of a person’s intellectual ability in logical reasoning, spatial visualisation, analysis and abstract thought.
Task: Card Trick
Successful methods include arranging the cards in a row and moving cards which have been removed by moving them upwards and another method is to use drawing.

Implications for Instruction:
-          Working with teachers

-          Poker cards

-          Spelling the numbers

-          Challenging and understanding

-          Visuals (cut- out)

-          Prior knowledge

Task: Cut out figures from paper art
-          Find a pattern

-          Find similarities

-          Thinking routine (Harvard)

-          Simple to complex

What do you see?
-          Describe

-          Observe

-          Visual

What do you think?
-          Relationship

How do you wonder?
-          Reason

-          Infer

Story- telling:
Before reading- story express

-          Predict the story based on given words

-          Write predicted story in 5 to 10 lines

After reading- Circle strategy procedure
-          Retell story through pictures or text

Things I have learnt today?
-          Card trick

-          Paper art: Visualization and patterning

-          Story telling: Pattering and differentiation

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