Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 2- 13 August

Whole Numbers:

The main thing in today’s lessons – the importance of exposing students to concrete hands- on experiences. Up till today, I have learnt the four ways in how students learn Maths:

  1. Visualization
  2. Be aware of patterns
  3. Number sense
  4. Metacognition 

“Children learn by manipulation of concrete materials.”

Today is about whole numbers: use the 10-frame to teach Maths concepts. I have learnt a skill which is to use story at the beginning of the Math lesson. I learnt how to use the 10-frame (paper, egg cartons, commercial materials, ice tray) to find the total sum of three different numbers. The usage of concrete hands- on materials when working with whole numbers. (Addition). One cannot mix nouns and adjective together. They are two different things.


Some of the benefits of using the 10-frame:

· Teach number bonds

· To understand conservation

· To understand one-to-one correspondence (fundamental and it's important)

· Place values

· Teach counting


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